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The Common Hours

Traveling back to her 16th century Celtic ancestors, Lindsay finds herself amidst the bloody conflict between the Tudor Crown and the clans struggling to keep their independence from all out English Rule.  Feeling a divine purpose to take on the cause of her newly found McDonnell kin, Lindsay uncovers that her mother had great ambitions to liberate womankind—starting with Queen Elizabeth I.  Believing she can serve both ends, Lindsay offers herself to be an envoy of peace at court, but in Elizabeth’s religiously polarized kingdom expressing modern ways may not only be disastrous for your kin but put your own life in mortal and spiritual jeopardy.

Lindsay McDonnell  – An Awakening

For most of my 26 years, I’ve lived in Newburyport, MA—my father insisted we move there to showcase his academic and business success while my mother agreed because she simply thought it a town that ‘touched both nature and history’.  He was a classic Catholic while she found Buddhism and took me with her.  While it seemed that they genetically cancelled each other out, as I never reached their same pinnacle of illustriousness, I did find my way to become a healer only to find that what lay deep within my DNA was also the ability to traverse the centuries.  I just had no idea who I’d be called on to save and the impact I could have on western history.

I have understanding now that traveling through time is not a 21st century discovery.  It used to happen in a manner of ways like being summoned and then carried back and forth in the arms of angels, especially when human perception was expectant of the deep powers of nature and the channels to the Divine were clear and unimpeded.  The society that shapes us now, that we all unconsciously agree to, decided that the role of all that is magical falls firmly away from what is godly or what is of science—and with that agreement, the veil between the realms descended and thickened.  The mind is trained to not sense the full continuum of what is.  But centuries before I was born there were forces that were harnassed by my ancestors in the Celtic lands. One battle in particular 450 years ago, is what truly set my future tumbling backward…

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Further Reading & Resources

The Celtic, Shamanic and Buddhist traditions are rich in wisdom and inspiration.  They all provide pathways to shift perception and the grounding in which to practice the teachings in real time, in real life.  Below are the specific resources that are interlaced throughout the novel.